domenica 17 giugno 2012

Character Designs and studies

Last but not least, concept and studies!

 This one is a uberfast sketch, a char design in 30 minutes of a space soldier, sci-fi style obviousl...challenge accepted! we are! Not so bad I think.
I have to admit, I'm kinda...satisfied. 30 minutes after dinner before goin out Friday night for this one, in my opinion, worth it!

Hope u like this one too!

 The first one is a photo referenced supa-dupa-fast sketch-study of Gollum, from The Lord of the Rings films, eating a fish.
Kinda funny, only a sketch but still hope you like it!

The very last but not the very least...this work is for Wizard of the Coast TheArtOrder gallery, this is an art test, a character design of an Orc Shaman.

Hope you like him (and his tribe too)! ;)

See you all soon,

Second one! The Lich.

Here we are! Another work!

As you can see the second piece is a Lich, he miss a finger, someone cut his throat, and he's angry! All done in PS CS3 with a s*** Bamboo.

I hope you like it!


The return

Hello everybody! I haven't uploaded fom a while and I am with a lot of new stuff!!!! Go with the first one!!!!

This is my wedding gift for Elisa and Matteo, two friends of mine

As you can see, it's an Avengers style portrait, where Elisa aka the Black Widow kisses Matteo aka Cap!!!
Hope you like it!