domenica 17 giugno 2012

Character Designs and studies

Last but not least, concept and studies!

 This one is a uberfast sketch, a char design in 30 minutes of a space soldier, sci-fi style obviousl...challenge accepted! we are! Not so bad I think.
I have to admit, I'm kinda...satisfied. 30 minutes after dinner before goin out Friday night for this one, in my opinion, worth it!

Hope u like this one too!

 The first one is a photo referenced supa-dupa-fast sketch-study of Gollum, from The Lord of the Rings films, eating a fish.
Kinda funny, only a sketch but still hope you like it!

The very last but not the very least...this work is for Wizard of the Coast TheArtOrder gallery, this is an art test, a character design of an Orc Shaman.

Hope you like him (and his tribe too)! ;)

See you all soon,

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